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UnFUCK '24

We have an early holiday present: we're happy to announce the next year's Unix Friends and Users Campus Kamp (UnFUCK)!

UnFUCK is an event that is hosted over a weekend and consists of talks, workshops and general socialising. It takes place on the campus of Furtwangen University and will be advertised there as well. Internet connection and seats will naturally be provided.

Registrations will open as we get closer to the event. This will also be the place to get your merch. We're planning to sell T-Shirts and Zip-Up Hoodies, which you can only get if you preorder them, and only until around a month before the event (due to printing and delivery time)! The event itself is free to attend for everyone, but a registration helps our planning massively, so we would ask you to register even if you don't plan to get any merch.

The event will take place from April 26th, opening at 20:00h and closing on the 28th of April in the afternoon (exact time to be announced later).

If you have questions, please contact us, join the UnFUCK24 Matrix channel or visit the webpage. For real-time announcements, follow our Mastodon account to stay up to date.

Note: we're still in the process of updating the website and changing some features, we ask for patience.

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