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Welcome to the UnFUG homepage

Who are we?

We are the Unix Friends and Users Group Furtwangen (or UnFUG for short, a backronym matching the German word for mischief or nonsense), a local group of Unix, Linux and general IT enthusiasts. We meet every thursday to discuss current topics around the various fields of IT, mainly focused on Linux and IT security matters. Those meetings usually start off with a talk on a specific topic, the schedule for which will be uploaded here at the beginning of each semester.

We are currently organized as a hobby-meetup (“Freizeitreferat”) under the AStA Furtwangen. Our meetings are open to any and all students of the HFU. If you tell us ahead of time, coming without being a student is not a problem either.

What do we do?

As mentioned above, we meet every thursday to listen to a talk prepared by one of us or one of our alumni, followed by discussions on varying matters of interest in the field of IT. We also regularly meet off-schedule to manage our infrastructure and do fun stuff together. If you're interested in Linux, Unix, or IT security, you'll fit right in with us. Don't be afraid to come by, there are no requirements to participate besides being interested.

To see what's currently going on, feel free to check our news page.

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