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New UnFUG Mastodon Instance!

UnFUG is now hosting a Mastodon instance, accessible here!

Mastodon is a federated social media service that functions similarly to the now infamous birdsite. Federation allows everyone to host their own instance, yet still talk to each other. Mastodon offers a personal, an instance-wide, and a federated timeline, so you can customize what you wish to see. For more information, please check their website (linked previously) or talk to us!

The instance is welcoming all members, alumni and other attachments of UnFUG. Registrations are set to “pending approval”, meaning you can create your own account, but it won't be unlocked until we approve it. If you are unsure about creating an account, feel free to ask us!

If you need help or have any questions, feel free to contact us via mail, Matrix, Mastodon or in person!

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