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Summer Semester 2024 Initial Meet-Up

Hello everyone!

With lectures for the summer semester started, it is once again time for the initial meet-up where we organize the talk schedule for the coming semester.

The meeting will take place on Thursday, March 21st at 07:15 PM CET. We will meet in room FU C2.16.1)

At this meeting, each person will have an opportunity to register one or more talks for the semester. If there are not enough slots, people with multiple talks or events will be required to withdraw a talk, so everyone can hold a talk if they wish to. If someone feels that a topic does not fit the UnFUG style, they are free to give that feedback at the meeting and it will be considered. If you have an idea, but do not feel confident that you could hold a talk on it, feel free to suggest it and maybe another person will feel inspired to do a talk on the topic.

Don't worry though, although we encourage everyone to present a topic over the course of the semester, nobody will be forced to hold a talk.

The schedule will be uploaded shortly after the initial meet-up, as usual.

Note that unless requested otherwise in person, the meeting will be in German.

Everyone is welcome!

Note that we will likely move to some place to eat soon after, meaning that if you are late, your best chance of catching us is contacting one of us on Matrix or Signal.
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